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Self Defense Practice


At Diamond's Elite Self-Defense & K-9 Training, everyone is treated like family. You'll receive the support of our encouraging community, giving you extra motivation and strength to master self-defense.


The mission of Diamond’s Elite Self-Defense & K-9 Training is to enable individuals with the knowledge, pride, mental, and physical aspects that are involved in defending themselves. We apply realistic expectations and goals for your personal training or of the training for your K-9.



Zynan Hill 

Zynan is the founder and owner of Diamond's Elite Self-Defense & K-9 Training. As a veteran, served in the United States Marine Corps as a First Sergeant. He has over 30 years of self-defense experience, including:

30 years in various martial arts
     22 years Military experience (Marine Corps)
          Law Enforcement Officer (K-9 Handler)
               Personal Security Experience

Our K-9's

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